Web Design-Basic Principles

Web Design-Basic Principles

The exponential growth of the internet has increases the demand of Web Design services. The market of the web designing is growing more and more competitive day by day. If the web designer wants to sustain in this competitive market then he/she has to stick to some basic principles that can make his/her services famous.  Some of these basic principles are as follows:


Too much of make up over the face can result into a garish look and negative impact on the onlooker. This principle is also applicable on the websites. If the website is decorated a lot and the uniqueness is beyond certain limits it is possible that half of the visitors may run away without visiting other pages. Now this could be a big loss for the business. This implies that the website should be unique but not so unique that it has a negative impact on the visitors.

Too many colors

Too many cooks spoil the broth. The same way too many colors spoil the overall look of the website. Us of too many colors can spoil the appearance of the website and can even irritate the visitor. It is better not to risk the mood of the visitor and use colors in limits.

Right Information

Only share the information that you would like to spread among your targeted market segment. The information shared with your buyers should neither be meager nor excessive.  Excessive information can confuse the visitor or prospective buyer. The website that you design should be able to provide the sought information in the least possible time.

Visitors are Primary

 Visitors should be the prime concern of the web design. It is now a universal truth that a business is run by those who buy its services or products. If the buyers turn off then there will be none to buy the products or services offered. T


The typography should be as simple as possible. If the font is illegible, the text content may not able to communicate effectively with the website visitor. This implies that the type and size of the font should be such that the text content is easily read by the visitor.


Make the navigation within the website as easy as possible and double check if all the links are working. At times it is very frustrating for the website owner when despite giving a piece of information on the website the visitor cannot find it.


The web design should be coded in such a way that it can be downloaded as fast and possible.


It should be remembered that the visitors usually do not read all the content on the website but just scan through it.


The website that you design should not a look as if you have stuffed all the services offered by you. The website should be marketing oriented and not sales oriented.

All mentioned factors are equally important for web site. In current time website owner cannot ignore his website because it’s most powerful tool of earning on the internet. It’s good to hire experienced and excellent Web Development Company to make this tool work proper.

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