The Early days of Websites and Web Design

Websites and Web Design

From back in the 1950′s when the internet was being invented, to today the internet has become a major factor in everyday life and business. Many people underestimate the power the on-line world, just as the same as many people rely on it all too much. Needless to say, the internet is a coruscating piece of technology what every business should use the advantages of.

Every business should be aiming to grow, taking the next step and a risk every now and then. Maybe that is building on your online presence. A great question to ask yourself is what it can actually do for you. Common advantages that a website can provide are as simple as increasing your audience, providing information, advertising yourself, increasing your creditability and a whole lot more!

Web Design is a one of few ways to go when getting your business an online presence. But what should it actually include? The first thing to conciser when designing a website its what the website is used for, no website is the same. Once this has been determined, you can then start your work around this piece of information. Take for example you’re a car dealer, its quite unlikely that you would want flowers in there.

Every website has its base, also known as the structure. This could be as simple as the background, body, header and footer. Then comes pages and builds up to sliders, images and everything to the smallest detail until you’re satisfied that it will do the job that you want it to do, for example If you’re a shop, its possible that you would want to sell things online!

Thanks for reading this short blog and we hope that we have helped you realise the importance internet and what fantastic benefits it can provide for you. To finish this blog up, good luck!

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