How image plays an important role in web design?

image plays an important role in web design

Thanks to fast changing technology, web standards are growing constantly. This has transformed people’s perception about a website. They like a website where they can get information quickly, easily and safely. At the same time they also wish to get entertainment at the website. That’s why it is important to design an efficient, appealing and great website by using appealing media. So what kind of media should you use in your website? According to an expert, media means anything that you can employ on your website to get a message across the internet like images, videos or audio. In this article I will explain the roles that images play in web design.

As the saying goes, “A picture says a thousand words” and so images represent an important part of a website without much written words. If images can be located sensibly with suitable text and used for a specific reason, they can work well to boost the user experience and make a lasting impression on the visitors’ minds. They can make a website look attractive and vibrant. Below are some guidelines for you to understand the importance of images in web design.

People just love images:

Have you imagined a website without any images? Of course not! Without images a website will look dull. Moreover, most people prefer images on the website, for several reasons. For example, visual information is useful as it can be scanned quickly while reading a lot of text will take time and effort. Another reason is that an image can produce sentiments and so users engage with them.  In addition images can be better memorized than simple text.

Images grab attention & activate sentiment:

As images have shapes and colors, they can easily grab the attention of visitors. They are an easy and convenient way to improve the user experience of the website. Images can help you to draw the visitors’ attention and get them engaged with your website as well as lure them back for more visual feasts. Call to actions images can trigger the emotion of visitors.

Logos help users to recognize company:

A company logo is one of the most important images that you will find on a website. It plays a very important role in making the user get familiar with the company and gives them the secure feeling that they are at the right place. People can easily recognize you by your logo. So make sure that it is attractive and clean. Try to design it in such a way that it represents your services or company positively.

Background images create an overall feel of the theme:

Background images are a great way to create a unique environment on your site. They quickly inform your visitors you are and what your company offers. They create an overall feel of your business.

Images draw traffic:

Images play an important role in increasing  website traffic as they are easily searchable.  Today a number of image searches on Google Images, Flickr and many more places are increasing significantly. Make sure your image files names be relevant to the image content or services that you are presenting in the images.

There are lots of media that can be used to boost the user experience of a site and images are the most common and widely used media. Make sure that your images are appropriate, well-located and easy to remember.

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